Healthcare Consulting

We provide business and regulatory consulting services to biotechnology and medical device industries including Quality Control, R&D, and product post-marketing. Our consulting services include device regulatory filing, drug device feasibility, prototype development, and strategic post marketing planning. Robotic enabled medical devices have the potential to bring life enhancement benefits beyond our abilities today. We design feasibility studies, make product improvement suggestions and offer pre and post marketing solutions.

Medical Training

Apart from supplying essential medical kits for emergencies, we offer emergency response and safety related training programs that will help first responders, community emergency response teams take appropriate action during a contingency.

Medical Logistics

We provide advanced logistical support and training to handle challenges in high threat environments. In addition to equipment, we offer the services of experts in communications, management, operations, and logistics.

Immediate Medical Solutions in High Risk Environments

Primecord is an International Health Care consulting group with a focus on delivering medical solutions to its numerous diverse clients all over the world. From setting up mobile hospitals and field clinics in remote inaccessible areas to finding solutions for large organizations on how to set up treatment protocols and studies for U.S FDA clearance, Primecord has a large and diverse back ground of health care professionals ready to help you find a solution to your problem. Our teams are comprised of physicians, surgeons, and RNs with extensive experience in delivering expert health care services to a variety of organizations, no matter the location or environment.

Primecord's medical logistics arm has a long reach. From providing on the go immediate solutions to NGO's to immediate humanitarian post-disaster relief, Primecord's team of health care logistics specialists are on the ground researching the best solution for you and your team. Primecord's history of long relationships with the medical industry assures that your organization receives the best equipment in the fastest amount time according to your organization's budget.